China supplier Direct Driven Portable Industrial Oilless Rotary Screw Air Compressor Energy Saving High Efficiency Compressor with Air Dryer and Tank (ISO&CE) wholesaler

Item Description

Merchandise Description

Breve introducción:
Air end: Tecnología alemana. 30 años diseñados de por vida.
Motor: bobina de cobre a hundred% completa.
Tanque: con capacidad de aire 300L.
Poder de funcionamiento:11kw/15hp
Presión de trabajo: 7 – twelve.5bar (100 – 181psi)
Suministro de aire: 1.3 – 1.8m3 / min
Tipo de conducción: conducción directa
Tipo de enfriamiento: enfriamiento por aire / enfriamiento por agua
Ruido: 65dB
Tamaño: 1955 * 800 * 1800 mm
Peso: 810kg.

Merchandise Parameters


Merchandise inner construction

Porduct Rewards

1. Extremo de aire del compresor de aire de tornillo
La unidad de aire tiene un elemento de tornillo de última generación y 4 a 6 rodamientos CZPT para garantizar una gran salida de aire y una vida útil más larga.
2.Motor eléctrico del compresor de aire
IP54 calificado de marca, aislamiento F, motor IE2, IE3, alta eficiencia y ahorro de energía.
three. Válvula de admisión del compresor de aire de tornillo
La válvula de admisión de alta eficiencia protege los componentes del compresor al eliminar el ninety nine% de las partículas sucias de hasta 3 micrones.
4. Separador de aire y aceite
Separación de aceite y aire de alta eficiencia y bajo contenido de aceite en el aire comprimido.
5. Controlador de pantalla táctil.
six. El ventilador centrífugo de alta eficiencia puede brindar el mejor enfriamiento para el compresor de tornillo.
seven.Malla a prueba de polvo para proteger el sistema de handle eléctrico

Detailed Photographs

Principal Spare Areas

Características del compresor Compresor de aire de tornillo rotativo sin aceite industrial portátil de accionamiento directo Compresor de ahorro de energía de alta eficiencia con secador de aire y tanque (ISO y CE)
1. El compresor de aire de tornillo rotativo combinado 3 en uno está integrado con el compresor de aire, el secador de aire, los filtros y el tanque de aire.
two. Es fácil de usar. Los usuarios solo necesitan conectarlo a la fuente de alimentación para trabajar.
three. Es conveniente para el movimiento de ubicación con las 4 ruedas.
4. Es rentable, ya que no hay compras adicionales de la tubería para la instalación.

Ventajas del compresor de Compresor de aire de tornillo rotativo sin aceite industrial portátil de accionamiento directo Compresor de ahorro de energía de alta eficiencia con secador de aire y tanque (ISO y CE)
one.El extremo de aire de tecnología importada de Alemania se asegura de que los thirty años de vida útil estén diseñados.
two. Venta directa de fábrica con menor costo para ayudarlo a ahorrar el pago a través del agente o la empresa comercial.
3. Piezas de repuesto centrales importadas originales, como el sistema de handle eléctrico, la válvula electromagnética y los ects. para asegurar el suministro de aire suficiente y la vida útil del compresor de aire.
four. Motor de bobina de cobre completo para garantizar la alta eficiencia.
5. Diseño extremely silencioso para hacer ruido por debajo de 68dB
6. Diseño de amortiguadores para reducir el daño del equipo
7. Depósito de gasóleo con tecnología alemana para garantizar que el contenido de aceite sea inferior a 2 ppm.

QC Management

Product Situation


Q1. Why do buyers choose us?
Yunshun Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in screw air compressor for 18 years since 2001. Our German Standard production line helps us get the affirmation from our agents as nicely as finish-user clientele.

Q2. Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer with big modern factory in HangZhou,China.
Both OEM & ODM service can be recognized.

Q3. What’s your delivery time?
Generally 7-10 times, if urgent order, we can prepare, also.

This fall. How long is your air compressor warranty?
2 year for the whole machine and 5years for screw air end, apart from consumable spare parts.

 Q5. How long could your air compressor be used for? 
At least 10 years.

Q6. What’s payment term?
T/T, L/C, Western Union, Credit Card, and and so on.

Q7. How about your customer service?
24 hrs on-line service for all our clientele.

Q8. How about your after-sales service?
one. Providing customers with set up on the internet guidelines.
two. Properly-trained engineers available to abroad support.
three. PlHangZhou for oversea following-revenue supporting company.


How to Select the Appropriate Air Compressor

An air compressor makes use of pressurized air to energy a assortment of equipment. They are most frequently employed to electrical power nailers and effect wrenches. Other common uses for air compressors contain paint sprayers and effect wrenches. Even though all air compressors have the identical simple construction, their specialty differs. Ultimately, their distinctions appear down to the sum of air they can press. Go through on for information on each and every type of air compressor. These resources are great for several different needs, and picking the right air compressor relies upon on your particular requirements.

Electrical motor

Whilst purchasing an electric motor for air compressor, compatibility is a important factor. Not all motors work with the identical type of air compressor, so it truly is important to verify the manufacturer’s directions prior to purchasing. By carrying out this, you can stay away from squandering cash on an incompatible motor. Another important consideration is speed. A motor’s pace is its fee of rotation, calculated in revolutions per moment. It is critical that you buy a motor with adequate speed to meet the needs of your air compressor.
Generally, an electric motor for air compressor is 1.5 hp. It is ideal for use with health-related equipment and metal-chopping equipment. It also performs nicely under ongoing procedure and delivers a high effectiveness and energy-conserving overall performance. Furthermore, it features an eye-catching value, generating it a great choice for a wide selection of programs. If you are hunting for a motor for an air compressor, seem no even more than a ZYS collection.
A motor’s protection course suggests how the motor will operate. Defense lessons are specified by the IEC 60034-5. These are stated with two digits and signify the defense against strong objects and water. For case in point, an IP23 rating indicates that the motor will be secured from reliable objects, even though IP54 implies that it will defend from dust and h2o sprayed from all directions. It is important to choose a motor with the correct security course for your air compressor.
When picking an electrical motor, you ought to consider whether or not it really is compatible with the brand of air compressor. Some may possibly be appropriate, while others may demand advanced electronics abilities to mend. However, most air compressors are lined by warranty, so it’s critical to check with the manufacturer if the warranty is still in effect ahead of you commit a dime on a replacement. The motor should be changed if it has unsuccessful to perform as created.

Oil bath

Air compressors demand proper lubrication to purpose effectively. The piston need to draw air with small friction. Depending on their layout, air compressors can possibly be oil-lubricated or oil-free of charge. The former utilizes oil to minimize piston friction, even though the latter splashes it on the cylinder bearings and partitions. These kinds of air compressors are commonly known as oil-flooded air compressors. In buy to keep their oil baths cleanse, they are advisable for use in areas with higher dust ranges.

Commence/stop management

An air compressor can be controlled by a begin/quit control. This type of management sends a sign to the main motor that activates the compressor when the demand from customers for air falls under a preset restrict. This manage strategy is powerful for smaller sized air compressors and can be valuable for minimizing power charges. Start off/quit handle is most powerful in programs the place air force does not change regularly and the place the compressor is not necessary to run continually.
To troubleshoot this difficulty, you need to have to examine the electrical power supply of your compressor. To check the source aspect, use a voltage check to establish if electrical power is flowing to the compressor. Make sure that the energy source to the compressor is regular and secure at all occasions. If it fluctuates, the compressor may not start or cease as predicted. If you can not discover the difficulty with the air compressor energy provide, it might be time to exchange it.
In addition to the start off/end manage, you may possibly want to obtain further air receivers for your air compressor. These can enhance the potential of air saved and minimize the variety of occasions it starts and stops. An additional way to lower the quantity of starts off for every hour is to incorporate more air receivers. Then, you can adjust the handle to match your needs. You can also put in a strain gauge that monitors the compressor’s performance.
Start/stop control for air compressors can be intricate, but the basic factors are relatively effortless to realize. A single way to examination them is to change the compressor on or off. It is typically positioned on the exterior of the motor. If you happen to be unsure of the area of these parts, check the capacitors and make sure that the air compressor is not operating while you’re not employing it. If it does, attempt to take away the capacitor.
Variable displacement manage is yet another way to modify the sum of air flowing into the compressor. By managing the sum of air, the management can delay the use of extra compressors till more required air is offered. In addition to this, the system can also check the strength utilized in the compressor. This manage technique can end result in considerable energy savings. You can even conserve on the sum of electrical energy by employing variable displacement handle. It is important for efficient compressed air techniques.

Variable pace travel

A VFD, or variable frequency drive, is a kind of electric motor that adjusts its velocity to match the desire for air. It is an productive way to reduce power expenses and improve system reliability. In reality, reports have shown that a twenty% reduction in motor pace can help save up to 50% of strength. In addition, a VFD can monitor further variables such as compressor oil stress and motor temperature. By eliminating handbook checks, a VFD will improve the functionality of the application and decrease working costs.
In addition to decreasing strength costs, variable-pace drives also enhance efficiency. A variable-velocity air compressor lowers the chance of technique leaks by 30 %. It also decreases the threat of technique leaks by reducing stress in the method. Because of these rewards, a lot of governments are selling this technologies in their industries. A lot of even offer you incentives to assist firms update to variable-pace drives. Therefore, the variable-velocity push can benefit a lot of air compressor installations.
A single main benefit of a variable-pace push is its potential to improve energy use. Variable frequency drives are ready to ramp up and down to match the demand from customers for air. The goal is to improve the pressure and circulation in the method so that the ideal “lifeless band” occurs amongst forty per cent and eighty percent of total load. A variable-pace compressor will also improve vitality performance due to the fact of its programmability.
A variable-speed air compressor can also be used to manage the quantity of air that is compressed by the program. This attribute adjusts the frequency of energy equipped to the motor based mostly on the demand from customers. If the desire for air is minimal, the frequency of the motor will decrease to conserve power. On the other hand, if there is an excessive need for air, the variable-velocity compressor will improve its velocity. In addition, this type of air compressor is far more successful than its set-velocity counterpart.
A VFD has a lot of advantages for compressed air systems. 1st, it assists stabilize the strain in the pipe network, therefore minimizing the energy losses thanks to upstream strain. It also helps lessen the electrical power use caused by fluctuations in upward strain. Its rewards are also significantly-achieving. And as extended as the air stress and air offer is effectively sized, a VFD will help enhance the effectiveness of compressed air methods.

China supplier Direct Driven Portable Industrial Oilless Rotary Screw Air Compressor Energy Saving High Efficiency Compressor with Air Dryer and Tank (ISO&CE)     wholesaler China supplier Direct Driven Portable Industrial Oilless Rotary Screw Air Compressor Energy Saving High Efficiency Compressor with Air Dryer and Tank (ISO&CE)     wholesaler

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